(A) After the first Day or KAM (knowledge Area Module), participant will be able to do the following:

1. Describe constituent elements of a task format and identify the levels through which one develops a task format before expressing such task format in an actual task situation.

2. Identify and discuss elements that differentiate
interest from desire.

3. Differentiate pure from objective events, and describe tendencies of an individual who is in the midst of events and is expressing an interest.

4. List and describe activities and tendencies of an individual who is in an actual task situation and is expressing a desire.

5. Describe how a task format relates to effort in the performance of a task.

6. Identify and describe elements in a student's task format that may or not increase the student's cognitive readiness in a learning task situation.

Transforming Teaching and Learning, helping student to Develop Increased Interest in Learning

(B) After the second day or KAM, participant will be able to do the following:

1. Will list and describe the different levels of questioning relating to Bloom's taxonomy for different students in the same class.

2. Discuss and compare and contrast technology and human thinking the ...






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