At CDOIL, we offer GTTM training service to educators to develop knowledge, skills, strategies, and tools that maximize learning opportunities for all students. Guided by the principles of Goal and Task Thinking Methodology and research-based practices, we supports educators' efforts to meet challenges of today's diverse classrooms by helping to develop flexible instructional materials and methods to simply concepts and help students develop increased interest in learning. 

Our goal is to help develop curriculum and align the varied needs of students with the State and National Standard. CDOIL offers free training services on-site or through custom consultation to all schools. In whatever situation the services we offer is guided by principles of Goal and Task Thinking Methodology (GTTM) of learning.

On-Site staff development.....Link

On-Site services at your school, district, or organization combine hands-on learning and effective teaching strategies with a variety of on-going follow-up activities to support educators and sustain learning. On-Site services are typically two days in length.

Custom Consultation ....Link

District-wide consultation and implementation services are available upon request to address the challenges faced by states and school districts that are committed to improving learning outcomes for all students.

The training services that we offer consist of two KAMs (knowledge Area Modules); the first KAMs introduces the theory, principles, and application of Goal and Task Thinking Methods (GTTM) of learning. The second KAM, activities are mostly hands-on and participants participants explore how an educator may design lessons and curriculum units to address learners' interests.

(I) In the first KAMs, participants join with CDOIL trainer to  explore principles of GTTM, and in the second we discuss how to integrate principles of the GTTM into practice in actual learning situations.

(2) In these two-day training, teachers will learn new terminology to develop a clear and comprehensive understanding of interest and to actively engage in guided practice using Goal and Task Thinking Methods of learning to develop lesson plans and units of study.  

The KAMs and related activities are each several hours in length, and they can be used in graduate and undergraduate education courses, professional development, consulting activities, and as a resource for educators.

Professional Development
Teaching Every Student to develop increased interest in learning through Goal and Task Thinking Methods (GTTM) of learning