Research & Development Division of CDOIL

Center for Development of Interest in Learning (CDOIL) is informed by the interests that students express when they come to learning situations. Students want to achieve success both in school and in life; every student has a natural wish/drive to succeed, and it is due to an individual human need to express one's unique self. Many of our students waste benefits of this natural drive, not intentionally, but because they have yet to engage in learning experiences that help them to connect with, exercise and deevelop it.

At the Center for Development of Interest in Learning (CDOIL), we differentiate interest from desire. In interest, a student is in the midst of events, and must determine how events must be in order to extricate self from them. Operations at this level of representation may be mostly unconscious and may be influence by one's past experiences. When it is not, one is at the mercy of rules of nature to determine other events and obtains clarity. For a student, clarity or having things in their proper perspectives is an advantage, an impetus or drive which one may then take into an actual task situation to secure an actual advantage.

At the Research & Development Division of CDOIL, we believe that gains in extricating self from events can promote efforts if and only if one pay conscious attention to developing and spending quality time in the midst of events, not merely in being an event. Accordingly, we seek encourage educators to develop learning experiences that will encourage students to spend quality time in the midst of events; that is, develop goal thinking capacities and,  thus, to secure increased advantage.    

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