About Goal and Task Thinking

A student may learn for many years, but, yet, not have a chance to learn in a situation design to address his learning interests. Only after graduation, when one must face serious matters of life, does he/she then begin to see self in the midst of events, think such events and develop task formats to extricate self; that is, express interest.

One in the midst of non-objective events can only represents events in relations to self; that is, generate elements in virtue of which one may connects to and apprehends an occurrence. A representation in relations to self differs from a representation in relations to an object. Cognition in virtue of which one is said to apprehend or be in the midst of events is self (goal) thinking.

The result of being in midst of events is that one strives to extricate self from the events; one thinks. The result of being in an objective/actual task situation, is that one strives to secure an advantage; one thinks. However, THINKING when in the midst of events or when one must extricate self from the midst of events is not the same as thinking when one is striving to secure an advantage represented; however, both thinking are connected.

In other words, thinking when is in the midst of events is self thinking, and thinking when in an objective/actual task situation is objective thinking. The focus of Goal and Task Thinking Methods (GTTM) research, in addition to bringing increassed awareness to the two forms of thinking, and to help direct deliberate effforts upon developing them.

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